A stable brand offers orientation and creates identity. This means constant reflection and adaptation to the market environment and consumer behaviour. At the same time, the values that characterise the brand core must be preserved. A challenge that becomes existential in a fast-moving communication environment with absolute overstimulation of stimuli. I will face this challenge together with you. Let's see together where your brand stands and how the radiance of your brand can be strengthened.

My service portfolio:

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand architecture/brand character

  • Brand management

  • Corporate Identity-Strategy

Brand Consulting



It seems so simple: The right message sent through the right channel is crucial for the success of brand perception and product sales! But where is my target group within the customer journey? What is their brand perception, which communicative challenges are set by the market environment? Are brand and product sufficiently supported by the channel? Together with you, I analyze the prerequisites and develop an efficient and effective communication strategy as the basis for the development of a sustainable visual concept.

  • Image communication

  • Product communication

  • Sales-supporting communication

  • Trade communication

  • Internal communication

  • Social media


Concept Development

How do you recognize a good communication concept? By the enthusiasm of the creative director for his idea? By the creative awards that the agency and client celebrate? Or by the economic success of a good communication idea? Quite simply: A good communication concept must meet all parameters. It should also communicate in a brand-compliant manner. With Creative Impact I have developed a comprehensible methodology that puts all the criteria of a good communication concept to the test once again.

My conceptual service portfolio:

  • Classic multidimensional image and product campaigns B2C and B2B

  • Dialog-oriented print and online campaigns

  • VKF Campaigns

  • POS Campaigns (Shopper Marketing)

  • Content-gestütze Online-Kampagnen

  • Content-supported online campaigns

  • Social media campaigns

  • Employer Branding

Lead Management

Besides an apt idea with a clear message, the stringent implementation of campaigns in all channels is the prerequisite for resounding success. I will help you achieve the best result together with a selection of partners specially compiled for your task. In terms of creativity and efficiency. This is the only way to make the most of the strengths of each channel for the campaign idea and also avoid classic budget killers.

  • Clear creative leadership of the campaign idea through all channels

  • Orchestration without unnecessary agency overheads

  • Objective lead management without budget interests

  • Targeted quality management without dependencies

  • Neutral selection of partners according to qualitative and economic criteria

  • Lower internal costs: one point of contact for multidimensional campaigns

  • Preparation of briefings and technical tenders



What is the optimal marketing organisation for your company? Where are the lack of resources and where is overcapacity? Which work should be carried out more efficiently and cost-effectively by external partners, which should remain in the company? How does optimized monitoring of quality and costs work? The individual structure of your company based on the interplay of product management, sales, marketing and communication is for me the starting point for a recommendation. The goal: to strengthen your organization by increasing efficiency and quality while reducing costs. Of course, I also help start-ups and medium-sized companies to build an efficient marketing organization.

  • SWOT analysis of the existing internal organization

  • SWOT analysis of the existing external partner structure

  • Inventory and evaluation of the project software used

  • Recommendation of an individually optimized organizational structure incl. tasks/job description

  • Personnel recruitment incl. job description and selection

  • Optimization of the existing service provider structure according to cost and quality criteria


Pitch consulting

Are you looking for an agency partner who understands you and your requirements? A company that has sufficient experience in your market segment? An agency that, despite the complexity of your products, is able to easily communicate the product benefits of your target group? Or an agency that makes your FMCG product a star at the POS with professionalism and originality and excels with effective VKF concepts? Whether Internet, social media, media, VKF, POS or classic: I know the agency market because I was part of this market for a long time. This is precisely why my methodology is so effective, enabling you to find exactly the partner who meets your requirements. Save yourself and your employees a lot of time and effort in selecting the right partner. I will accompany you during the process and take a large part of the work off your hands, professionally and with the knowledge of structures that are important for a successful cooperation.

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